We Support Our Veterans

The Veteran’s Hall, a nonprofit organization, was established to recognize and honor those Military Veterans who have made life sacrifices and dedication to the protection of our country. It is sad that the Veterans Hall must face painful obstacles and expenses just to remain open to honor such important individuals.

On a weekly basis the Halls up-keep and needs far exceed their allocated budget, however, the Hall must remain operatable and suitable for our Veterans. Some of the challenging expenditures include but are not limited to; the beautification of the grounds, electric work and installations, the need for new flooring, paint, and lighting to name a few, and that doesn’t include the operational costs just to keep the building open for occupancy.

By supporting SWAV (Steppin’ with a Vision) and participating in our Chicago Style Steppin’ Classes and Events you are helping to make a small difference, along with us, by supporting that mission. A portion of our proceeds go directly to our Veterans and The Veterans Hall. We are proud to be part of the Veteran’s Organization and delighted that we can offer our contributions